When It Comes to Indoor Dining, Restaurant Workers Face the Greatest Risk

It all has to do with ventilation, aerosols, and the fact that restaurant workers are stuck in the same air for hours while working indoors

Outdoor restaurant dining is perhaps the closest we’ve come to a return to normalcy since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic: Sidewalk and patio setups offer a familiar service while, if approached responsibly, mitigate risk. These outdoor dining rooms have remade the landscape of major metropolitan centers and small towns, allowing people to spill into the streets, visit with friends and family, and — for an hour or two — forget about the looming threat of a deadly and highly contagious virus. Outdoor setups have also given restaurants a way to bring back some of their staff and to welcome customers eager for a break from their own kitchens. When restaurateurs and diners alike are mindful and cautious, eating outside has proven to be relatively … Read more

Chemicals in food are a main safety concern for majority of Americans

Seven in 10 Americans are concerned about the presence of chemical products in food, according to a survey.

The poll by Mérieux NutriSciences and bioMérieux found 70 percent of respondents were troubled about this topic that covers pesticides, antibiotics and additives. Two thirds were concerned about bacteria such as Salmonella and Listeria in food and 61 percent were worried about food fraud.

Viruses in food were the main concern for 59 percent of people, the use of new technology such as GMOs and nanotechnology worried 58 percent and traces of allergens or intolerance provoking substances in food was mentioned by 55 percent of respondents.

The Odoxa survey was conducted between Sept. 30 and Oct. 9 this year with a representative sample of 1,000 people in the United States aged 18 and over.

Steps for healthier and safer food
In the United States, 85 percent of people said they have confidence … Read more

Stacking In Steam Cooking Cooks A Complete Meal Fast And Straightforward

Italian delicacies has an excellent reputation, and the nation’s food is thought all through the world. The pasta must be done by now. Drain pasta and add the fresh herb and Parmesan cheese. Combine thoroughly. Add some olive oil if you’d like. Plate the pasta and place the shrimp on prime. Pour the sauce over the plated shrimp. Written within the ultimate levels of the American genocide of the indigenous peoples the assertion had nothing to do with faith, even if religion had every little thing to do with justifying the act. Angela Merkel was a strong chief, and although I didn’t like it one bit how she (as a part of the Troyka) handled the Greek disaster. I do admire hear toughness and European mindset. Show a optimistic picture to everybody? Why? Is it so the white man will approve of you? After over 500 years it needs to … Read more

Sommeliers Pick the Best Wine Glasses for Every Scenario

Patricia Chang for Eater

Fancy wine drinker or not, you deserve some nice glasses

No matter what wine you’re drinking, if it’s served in a great wine glass, it will usually taste better. Maybe that’s not the most verified science, but so many wine drinkers know it in their gut to be true.

But not all wine glasses are created equal. Not only do reds and whites do better in different glasses, not every person needs the same type of wine glass, depending on the drinking habits, preferred wine, and — let’s be honest — cabinet space.

So we spoke to some of the country’s top wine bars and wine-focused restaurants about the glasses they use most often (spoiler alert: It’s not just about getting the most expensive one). Here’s a practical guide to finding the glass out there for you, whether you’re frugal, clumsy, or just running … Read more

2020’s Food Safety Summit gets underway virtually today

ROSEMONT, IL — The Food Safety Summit education program, the leading interactive forum on food safety, begins virtually today and runs through Thursday. Registered attendees can explore, learn, and interact with other participants by logging into the virtual atmosphere. Click here to register and gain access.

We are looking forward to bringing the industry together virtually for four days to learn from leading subject matter experts, find new products and services from our exhibiting companies, and network with their peers, said Scott Wolters, chief events officer, BNP Media.

Exhibitors and attendees can begin interacting, setting their agendas, making appointments, and accessing the list of attendees. Although we cannot be physically together, the Virtual Food Safety Summit will feature all of the aspects the industry has come to expect from this leading industry event.

Free General Admission provides registered attendees access to the virtual exhibit hall and the following general sessions

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