Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

As the number of cups of coffee enjoyed around the world flies north of two billion every day, it’s clear that humanity’s love of the beverage runs as deep as December nights run long. And yet like winter solstice snowflakes, no two coffee lovers are exactly alike in habits and preferences.

Consequently, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to gifting for the coffee lovers in your life, and in these topsy-turvy times, especially, it’s worth a little forethought to achieve a genuine gift-reception smile rather than a merely polite one.

The key may be avoiding both randomness and any presumption that change is always welcome. For many, brewing coffee can be an act of solace in a world gone mad. Our quiet morning rituals are among the few things we can predict and control, so maybe this is not the year to shake things up.

We therefore recommend against giving a … Read more

A High-Quality Grind, One Brew at a Time: The New Fellow Ode Brew Grinder

The new Fellow Ode Brew Grinder, center, flanked by four burr grinders reviewed in Coffee Review’s June 2020 report “Four Mid-Range Burr Coffee Grinders Tested & Reviewed.” Photo by Howard Bryman.

Home kitchen appliances don’t usually enter the market wafting on hype. Yet, when it comes to an ambitious new product from the young and media-savvy California-based coffee equipment manufacturer Fellow, we’ve come to expect nothing less. The hype has been especially intense in the run-up to the debut of the Ode Brew Grinder, the company’s most complex product so far, and one for which the brand has made some lofty claims regarding features and performance.

Through its various media channels, Fellow has been promising a user-friendly machine of compact footprint, exceptional quietness, near-zero grounds retention, stylish appearance and trailblazing particle size consistency, designed specifically for single-dose, non-espresso brewing (which in itself puts the Ode in a category all its … Read more

Morrisons Store

There are many the explanation why you could be interested in establishing your own business and getting began in a brand new business. Coffee has been traced to the highlands of Ethiopia as early again as the ninth century, found by a sheepherder named Kaidi. He happened to note that his sheep had been more energetic after eating the berries” from bushes we now know to be coffee bushes. From there it unfold to Egypt and Yemen. Espresso beans had been first roasted and brewed in Arabia, the place it was highly prized and fiercely guarded from being taken overseas. From there, it unfold to the remainder of the Center East and northern Africa, after which on to Italy, the place it migrated into the rest of Europe. Coffee first came to North America it’s believed by Captain John Smith. Add steamed milk. Thanks for clarifying the mystery in my … Read more

8 Aromatic Indoor Herbs That Purify Air Naturally

One phrase: quality. The objective when ordering a espresso isn’t actually to precise a fixed reality, it’s to try to specific your tastes and preferences to the barista. Neglect worrying about the technical name of your drink and simply order based mostly on a basic concept what you think you’d enjoy the most: a frothy deal with (cappuccino), a milky warm sensation (latte), or a brief, sharp, shot that goes down straightforward (flat white). I like good coffee and am moderately a coffee snob. I always use freshly ground beans; I make my own mix and use fresh, cold water. I take advantage of a commercial espresso maker, as a result of I am operating a bed and breakfast and we have now to make quite a lot of coffee, fast. I hold it very clear, together with the pots and many others. I’ve used all the strategies you mentioned … Read more

The Joy of Kenya, Classic Coffee-Producing Origin

Transporting processed coffee to storage in the Kiambu growing region of Kenya. Photo courtesy of Caesar Tu.

What makes a coffee taste like it does? Many factors go into what you ultimately experience in your morning cup.

First, there’s the tree variety that produces the coffee. For specialty coffees, the varieties in question are, with rare exceptions, of the Arabica species, and there are hundreds of possibilities. Then, there’s the place in which the tree is grown — the coffee’s terroir. (There is no direct translation into English of this French word, which refers to the holistic environment in which a plant is grown, including the specific soil type, weather, altitude, and other factors.) Once the ripe coffee cherries are picked, processing is the next big x-factor. While processing experiments are all the rage in specialty coffee right now, we’ll be focusing on the classic washed method here. There … Read more